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Personal Training

At  your first one on one consultation we would approach subjects relevant to your fitness journey  : 

Your Goals

Your Lifestyle

Your Current Eating habits

Your Fitness level

Your Struggles 

We would use a language that is easy to understand and I will help you set up your goals if they not specific at this moment in time . 

I will break down for you what lie ahead on your new fitness journey and how we will work together to overcome obstacles and achieve your Fitness and Lifestyle Goals .

Every package in my Personal Training will offer you the following extensive professional knowledge , experienced approach and support to help YOU achieve YOUR Goals . 


Supplement advice to fit your personal needs 

Nutritional advice and support with tailored diet / macronutrient plans to fit your specific goals and lifestyle 

Body measurements and detailed progress registration and monitoring to help you stay focused and on track with your goals 

Constant Motivation , Personalised tips and support as how to stay committed and together achieve your goals 

I can also offer advanced and far more specific body fat / muscle mass / water mass / muscle quality  and much more  readings via BIA or EIM for a very accurate full body analysis and / or individual body parts analysis to help track and target your specific areas / body parts that you might wish to focus on.


Personal Training Prices and Packages

1 hour Individual Personal Training Sessions Prices and Packages: 

PAY AS YOU GO  1h / £45 ( inc 20% off ) 


          5 Sessions – £ 200 ( inc 20% off)


          10 Sessions – £ 350 ( inc 20% off)


          15 Sessions – £ 30 ( inc 20% off)

Full Body Transformation

    Get in contact for prices , plans and services . 


Online Training

Coming Soon … 

Meantime stalk me on my Social Media for workout tips nutrition and motivation…

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